“Nobody will remember the steps you did. They will only remember what they felt while dancing with you!”

Tanguito and Genoveva often say.

And their tango, like their life, is woven around these words, from the deepest embrace, stepping the ground to leave footprints of life and love. 

They carry tango in their veins, they live it, feel it, dance it and spread it in the most authentic way through their classes,  exhibitions, tours and organizing the most important practice in Buenos Aires – De Querusa.

They have always escaped from the fashions that invaded tango, staying true to the essential, to that embrace that refreshes the soul. Their feet walk the world celebrating tango with friends from here and friends from there, carrying on their shoulders what was left behind and what is yet to come.

If you watch them dancing and if you pay enough attention, you can see how the steps mix with the mud and in the end of their dance, tango lingers in the air filled with applauses. 

As teachers, they write in their students the fundamental lines of tango from its history to its movements, with a heartfelt generosity. 

Our courses

A life of dancing and teaching tango!


When we first start learning tango, because of the enthusiasm to start dancing, to incorporate new figures, because of the lack of patience, sometimes we overlook many important details such as the base, the walking, the individual technique. After a while we realize that in order to grow our dance, it is absolutely necessary to go back to these aspects and study them more deeply. Genoveva and Tanguito put these fundamental topics for the development of our dance under a magnifying glass to show and teach us the real base and walking in tango.

Tangoclick.com is proud to present these teachers and their classes in a series of videos explaining the different ways to walk in tango.

TIME: 80 minutes (8 lessons)


Technique is one of the pillars we build our tango dance on. It is about knowing how to hold our body correctly while dancing to make the movements elegantly and comfortable at the same time, to create a hard to forget embrace for our partner, to play with the music. This class is an exercise guide that you can use as a daily routine to help you build your base and ultimately gain more confidence, fluidity and freedom to be creative in your dance. This is a must have class for all tango dancers regardless of their role.

TIME: 15 minutes