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Andres Cejas y Genoveva Fernandez

Representing the purest style in tango, Genoveva and Tanguito dance and teach staying true to the essence of tango and to their history.

They have worked with ones of the most important tango orchestras such as Mariano Mores, Sexteto Mayor, Berlinghieri-Baffa, Raúl Garello, José Colangelo. They have traveled the world and shared the stage with maestros that have marked the history of tango as we know it today: Vanina Bilous y Roberto Herrera. Osvaldo Zotto y Lorena Ermocida, Los Dinzel, Nélida y Nelson, Gloria y Eduardo, etc.

They teach in Buenos Aires and also organize one of the most important practicas - Dequerusa.

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